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Pickleball: a sport for everyone

Pickleball is a racket sport which quotes the techniques and rules of tennis, badminton and table tennis.
Pickleball is a sport suitable for everyone and suitable for all ages, combining physical activity and pure fun.

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History of Pickleball

Born in the USA

This sport was created in 1965 by Will Billy Bill Jr., Barney McCallum and the ex-politician Pritchard in the USA. There are currently thousands of US schools that plan Pickleball as a physical activity for students.

In Italy

In Italy, in 2018, the Italian Pickleball Association (AIP) was founded and later it became a Federation in 2022. The AIP is an official member of the International Pickleball Federation and the World Pickleball Federation.

Since 2023, pickleball has become part of the official FITP tennis training plan, which is actively engaged in its promotion and diffusion throughout the national territory. This innovative initiative will take along a series of exciting tournaments, initiatives and extraordinary opportunities towards interested clubs.

Our services

Original Pickleball offers turnkey solutions for everything related to pickleball: courts, mobile courts and equipment.

Pickleball courts

Design and creation of indoor and outdoor pickleball courts

Rental service

Pickleball court rental for events or seasonal plants

Nets and accessories

Sale or rental of nets, rackets, balls and accessories to practise pickleball

Frequent questions

The field covers an area of ​​approximately 18.30 x 9.45 metres, including the external outs.

From a vegetal soil, certainly you have to build a concrete slab or you have to evaluate the existing surface carrying out different types of interventions.
Therefore anyone can create a camp if they have enough space to do it.

If the courts have been realized with the top or standard solution, with excellent and very long-lasting products, you need a low maintenance.

We propose our own colors scheme, but there is no real rule.
Surely, to contrast the colour of the ball and to define the areas, the colours, chosen and approved by the Pickleball federation, are the most suitable.

A Pickleball court can be built on any surface that makes the ball drop appropriated to the camp.
To obtain the best result, both for technical responses but also for a better management of the players’ coordinations, the resin surface with a mat underlay is the optimal solution.

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